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(23 People Likes) Would it be legal to make a sex doll look exactly like an existing person, such as Pamela Anderson or Julianne Hough, upon request by a client, or will they have to get permission from the person to use their likeness?

t isn’t talked abo love dolls on amazon t though is how she portrayed CJ Parker in the Baywatch TV series.
Characters like Stephanie Holden was shown to be too arrogant, while Summer Quinn was shown to be a little too insecure, so it makes CJ one of the more likable characters in the series.
You may be asking what CJ has to do with Pamela off the screen?
Quite a bit. We ty

(68 People Likes) What gives more pleasure, a real pussy or a fake sex doll pussy?

you have never experienced either or you would be able to draw your own. Onclusion on this.
I will help you a little. If fake was better, do you not think there would be more fake than real. That porn would be showing fake over real.
I will leave you to decide when you have had b

(38 People Likes) Which superheroes/villains have the best/worst portrayals in cinematic universe(s)? Why?

t kidding, this and Huge Jackman’s portrayal are my love dolls on amazon favorite ones.
I’m talking about this abomination
It was a hideous adaptation and is one of the many factors why the movie bombed.
Eric Forman as Venom
I loved Topher Grace as Eric Forman in That 70’s Show but as Eddie Brock? Horrible idea. Emo Peter Parker wasn’t the worst thing in the movie; it was this portrayal.
Nicolas Cage as Ghost Rider
I'll start with this; Nicolas Cage is a great actor. Raising Arizona, Adaptation, Matchstick Men, Lord of War and Leaving Las Vegas proves that. And his more crazy work in movies like Con Air and Face Off are memorable and downright entertaining.
But he has also had quite a few stinkers. And Ghost Rider is one of them. His portrayal of johnny Blaze isn't his worst performance (that title have to go to The Wicker Man), but the problem with Ghost Rider, is that he went overboard with the majority of his scenes.
Shaquille O’Neal as Steel
No commen Sex Doll .

(59 People Likes) Are sex dolls good or bad?

to 18th century dutch sailors who made masturbation puppets out of leathers and cloths and sold them to the Japanese.
If they was bad for society then one would think we’d know about it by now, there would at least be anecdotal evidence of harm and I can’t find any.
There is anecdotal evidence of harm with regards to sexdolls in the form of children and there is a general political shift and legal shift to stamp out sexualising children in any shape or form…including in cartoon or videogame forms. Australia can jail you for 15 years for owning a doll believed to look under 18.
Now where things gets sticky is really between law and politics, politicians and lawmakers find this area ‘icky’ and that means they do whatever requires the least amount of effort. They likely are looking at a reason to make ALL dolls illegal , i can imagine in a few years Australia will jail you for a long time just for owning one as they are quickly moving towards that...mainly because it’s cheaper and requires less effort, instead of there being court cases to determine if your doll is ‘underage’ simply declaring all dolls illegal fixes the problem and closes gaps in the law.
But we must not confuse laws and morals, it’s not immoral to smoke weed but it is illegal in many places, the war on drugs and argument of weed being a ‘gateway’ to a more serious drug or offence will likely be used with sexdolls where they may say they are a ‘gateway’ to using ‘younger’ looking dolls or progressin Sex Doll Torso to rape or abusing children.
So in terms of harm …most of it will be bestowed on the doll owner if they are persecuted by the state. Wider society will probably not notice or care to do anything about it or even push towards persecuting men with dolls, some men as i type are in prison or have been reprimanded for dolls i would say were adult and/or they had no evidence that they was a harm to society. Certainly media, news blogs …some individuals with an axe to grind dehumanise people with the dolls and they do so under the belief that it is justified because they think the doll owner objectifies people. The reality is they humanise objects they don’t dehumanise people. Bu

(39 People Likes) If you were going to buy a real doll, who would you have the doll made to the likeness of?

bel Wilson with dark hair or Kate Love Doll Pearson (B52’s) I love curvy women love dolls on amazon both ladies have class and sh

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