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(40 People Likes) How is it possible for a totally artificial thing as Bitcoin (which has no intrinsic value) to be traded, not as a currency (because of it’s instability), but as a commodity, according to so many specialists?

e and - so long as that is the case, they can both be a medium of exchange.
The process of ascribing value stems from an inter-subjective adoption of a collective imagined reality. It’s not enough that I think some object has value, I’ve got to believe that you believe it has value. (“inter-subjective adoption”)
So, both currencies and commodities have value. The difference rests in their purpose. A currency’s purpose is to generalize trading. In a simple world where I produce apples and you produce pears, trading apples for pears would be difficult and inefficient. But, if we know “8 pears = $1” and “3 apples = $1” it becomes very easy to trade. You could theoretically use a bushel of rice instead of a dollar, but that would be pretty cumbersome (even if everyone took rice as a medium of exchange)
That ridiculous example is meant to show the concepts of (REASON 1) “divisibility” and (REASON 2) “portability” which, to me are what distinguishes currencies from commodities. As long as you have something that is - for all practical purposes - divisible down to the lowest possible price of the cheapest good. And, it’s portable (meaning, conveniently available), it’s a currency
Alternate use. But, lemme get back to that
The reason crypto is sometimes labeled a commodity relates to its adoption / usage rates. Most government backed, fiat currencies have a default use case insofar as the government is funded and funds the economy with that currency. In other words, people HAVE TO use it.
So, people have to WANT TO use it (“inter-subjective adoption”). The theory goes, that just as diamonds have a standard world market trading value, different people put different values on those diamonds for a host of personal reasons, aesthetics and tastes. The argument goes that so long as crypto has that feature in common with diamonds, it’s gonna trade more like a commodity. And, commodity pricing is all about adoption rates. (this makes diamonds more valuable than even rarer gemstones)
But, that similarity is relatively modest compared to the differences of “divisibility”, “portabili Cheap Sex Dolls y” and “alternate use”
Bitcoins don’t trade like a currency should.
Further all of volume trades based on the comparative, nominal expected interest rates. (A lot of journalists that cover exchange rates try to make this more complicated. It’s not. (Make no mistake, however, building a view on “nominal expected interest rates” requires some of the most quantitatively rigorous analytics that I’ve seen.. but I digress)
Bitcoin should be easy then. The rate of inflation (a good proxy for interest rates) is stipulated in its white paper. So, traders should be able to peg the BTC value easily and without the threat of manipulation. If you read the white paper on BTC, the founder designed the BTC inflation mechanism to address this specifically.
But, it didn’t work that way. Turns out “intersubjective adoption” dominated certain inflation. So, there was a set of traders that started calling it a commodity. They weren’t thinking it through…

(79 People Likes) When “sex dolls” are so lifelike and socially acceptable that a significant number of men choose to have sex with them over having sex with actual live women, how will this affect society?

male prostitution eliminated or vastly redu Best Sex Dolls ed. And if male sex dolls are also available, male prostitution should also be eliminated or vastly reduced.
Reduced date rape, and general rape rates.
Bankruptcy for many restaurants which rely on dates for customers, since men with a sex doll wont need to feed them first.
Nightclub and Disco attendances reduced, since dancing your sex doll first wont be needed, nor will you need to meet them there.
Bar crowds reduced, and bar takings plummet, since men wont need to go to a bar anymore, since their sex doll doesn't drink, doesn't need to be plied with alcohol to decide who she/it goes home with, and they will no longer be needed as a meeting place.
Random hitting on women should reduce.
Sexually satisfied men who previously got none, should be more productive at work, less of a dick to work with, and there should be less sexual harassment in the workplace.
Less marriages, with consequently less divorces.
In a couple where one’s libido is much higher than the others, the sex doll will allow ext

(92 People Likes) What is the best shop to buy a sex toy or precisely speaking a silicone doll?

t as the industry de life life sex dolls elops new and new exciting toys are introduced. Following the trend Chinese made silicone sex dolls are creating a lot of hype on the market. They not just enhanced the feeling now using a silicone doll you won't need a human partner to satisfy your quest totally but you can have the pleasure of real flesh.
You can buy your sex dolls both online and offline (physical sex toy shop aren't available everywhere. you can shop offline online if there is a shop near your location), but among the options, I prefer online shopping as they provide excellent security of personal information so my purchase won't get leaked.
Furthermore, the shipping system has been much improved for those online shopping porta
ls, and they ship the products almos

(86 People Likes) When scaling a drawing to the real world, can you scale with 2 different units? (e.g. 1:6, 1 ft in the drawing is equal to 6 inches in the real world) Assuming this is a doll house.

er question is if the room were a real room, how high would its ceilings be? If this is a baby princess doll, displ life life sex dolls yed in a palace room, the room will be proportionally much taller than if it is a soldier doll displayed in a tent. Once you’ve decided those things I think it will be easy to decide Sex Doll hat scale to use and buy an appropriate ruler.
So, if you imagine your doll would be 48 inches tall in real life and are making a Victorian room with 12 foot ceilings then the math would be:
4/48 = 1/12 so your scale is 1/12. Something 1 inch tall in your roombox represents something 12 inches (1 foot) tall in real life. Your doll at 4 inches looks 4 feet tall. If your roombox is made 12 inches tall it will look like a Victorian house with 12 foot ceilings. Anything you put in the room should be 12 times as small. A chair that’s 24 inches tall in real life should be 2 inches tall in the roombox.
Doing the math again for clarity:
If you imagine your doll is a child 36 inches tall then the math would be:
4/36 = 1/9 so your scale is 1 / 9. Everything you surround your doll with should be 9 times as small as the real item. So an 18 foot ceiling would be 2 feet tall in proportion. A sofa 27 inches from the floor to the top of the back and 6 feet (72 inches) long in real life should be 3 inches tall in proportion and 8 inches long.
Thanks for the A2A on this interesting question.

(79 People Likes) What is an interesting evolutionary history about sex dolls?

r may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it.
In recent years, from infl life life sex dolls table sex dolls to silicone sex dolls.
here has a more detail answer:
The minimal history of sex d

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