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(97 People Likes) Which superheroes/villains have the best/worst portrayals in cinematic universe(s)? Why?

t kidding,this and Huge Jackman’s portrayal are my favorite ones.
I’m talking about this abomination
kash doll love and hip hop hey slapped Cyclops' mutant power on him and gave him teleportation abilities. It was a hideous adaptation and is one of the many factors why the movie bombed.
Eric Forman as Venom
I loved Topher Grace as Eric Forman in That 70’s Show but as Eddie Brock? Horrible idea. Emo Peter Parker wasn’t the worst thing in the movie; it was this portrayal.
Nicolas Cage as Ghost Rider
I'll start with this; Nicolas Cage is a great actor. Raising Arizona,Adaptation,Matchstick Men,Lord of War and Leaving Las Vegas proves that. And his more crazy work in movies like Con Air and Face Off are memorable and downright entertaining.
But he has also had quite a few stinkers. And Ghost Rider is one of them. His portrayal of johnny Blaze isn't his worst performance (that title have to go to The Wicker Man),but the problem with Ghost Rider,is that he went overboard with the majority of his scenes.
Shaquille O’Neal as Steel
No comment.

(14 People Likes) What do you think of decriminalisation of sex dolls? However not legalisation,how could decriminalising it be effective to reduce the increase in crime rates of pedophilia?

adults as lovers is a mental preference that is not altered by maturity,risk awareness,or mutual affectiom in the mind of a select small percent of people globally.
Feeding this unchallenged pe kash doll love and hip hop ception with dolls or pornography is (in this kind of diagnosis) an excuse to reimforce permission. In fact,it is only by complete abstinance that this diagnosis can be treated.<

(11 People Likes) Which do you prefer,have sex with a real girl,masturbate,or use a sex doll?

I’ll use some simple analogies,but here’s a disclaimer for the shallow: this is meant to be lighthearted and not to be taken anally seriously.
Silicone Sex Doll A real woman is like wine. The sex is often a work out. It takes quite a bit of energy whenever we engage in love making. There are interactions. There is communication. There is giving and receiving. If you cum,when you cum,the orgasms can be delicious and shared. As I do my wife doggy,she sucks and licks on a dildo. It’s quite a show. ^_^
Masturbation is like beer or cider. It’s easy,it can be quick,depending how you want to work it. You have total control over how it ‘hits you up’. You also learn techniques over time that really give you that extra flavour of pleasure. If you do it right,it can truly give you an orgasm that will make your eyes roll back into its sockets.
A sex doll is like a cocktail. You know those real dolls they sell from Japan? Those ultra realistic,ultra silky lifeless,yet lifelike dolls are made exclusively to entice your fantasies. They are a cross between having a real woman and masturbation. You can do all sorts of things with them and you get to choose this beautiful figment of what is available out there,all within the cash boundaries of your income.
Alas,here’s the thing…
Perhaps,I can drink a glass or two once a day,two or three times a week,though I’m sure Amber would prefer I drink a bottle or two a day,five times a week. o_o
Beer is great! It’s refreshing when ultra cold and that slight buzz it gives me after two cans on an empty stomach really hits the spot. However,after three cans,the after taste of beer isn’t quite something to write home about. It’s actually a bit raunchy and the burping…
While cocktails are nice to sip at once in awhile,it takes too much work to make a good one. Also,if you want the yummiest of ones,you’ll need a mix of some of the best liquors out there,with the right amount of fruit juices and ice to balance it all out. Plu

(34 People Likes) Are sex dolls good or bad?

to 18th century dutch sailors who made masturbation puppets out of leathers and cloths and sold them to the Japanese.
If they was bad for society then one would think we’d know about it by now,there would at least be anecdotal evidence of harm and I can’t find any.
There is anecdotal evidence of harm with regards to sexdolls in the form of children and there is a general political shift and legal shift to stamp out sexualising children in any shape or form…including in cartoon or videogame forms. Australia can jail you for 15 years for owning a doll believed to look under 18.
Now where things gets sticky is really between law and politics,politicians and lawmakers find this area ‘icky’ and that means they do whatever requires the least amount of effort. They likely are looking at a reason to make ALL dolls illegal ,i can imagine in a few years Australia will jail you for a long time just for owning one as they are quickly moving towards that...mainly because it’s cheaper and requires less effort,instead of there being court cases to determine if your doll is ‘underage’ simply declaring all dolls illegal fixes the problem and closes gaps in the law.
But we must not confuse laws and morals,it’s not immoral to smoke weed but it is illegal in many places,the war on drugs and argument of weed being a ‘gateway’ to a more serious drug or offence will Love Doll likely be used with sexdolls where they may say they are a ‘gateway’ to using ‘younger’ looking dolls or progressing to rape or abusing children.
So in terms of harm …most of it will be bestowed on the doll owner if they are persecuted by the state. Wider society will probably not notice or care to do anything about it or even push towards persecuting men with dolls,some men as i type are in prison or have been reprimanded for dolls i would say were adult and/or they had no evidence that they was a harm to society. Certainly media,news blogs …some individuals with an axe to grind dehumanise people with the dolls and they do so under the belief that it is justified because they think the doll owner objectifies people. The reality is they humanise objects they don’t dehumanise people. Bu

(27 People Likes) How does printing money cause inflation?

The invention of money was a good thing because it replaced a cumbersome barter system used in commerce. If you grew yams and wanted fish,you had to find a fisherman who wanted yams and that was very cumbersome and commerce was slow.
Somewhere along the line our ancestors decided they would accept gold in exchange for goods. Thus,money was invented. Commerce and trade took off making civilizations wealthier. Why gold? It was a stable commodity and it kept its value relative to goods. More importantly,it couldn’t be easily made,unlike our paper money. It worked pretty well for thousands of years.
See this for a simple explanation of the development of money: Money: A Semi Fictional Fable
The thing you need to understand is that you had to produce something in order to get money. Whether it was yams,fish,labor,or something else other people wanted,you had to offer something of value to your fellow citizens. Nobody gives away fish for free.
But today the foundation of our current monetary system is literally just a nice piece of green paper. It’s not based on production and it’s not backed by anything. Central banks can print money (more likely by a keystroke) at will. This is why we have inflation.
Yes,people want dollars … until they don’t. Central banks today believe they can just print money at will and like a little machine the economy will respond and everything will be fine. Not so. If we could create wealth by just printing money,then we could end poverty and Zimbabwe would have been the richest country in the world.
Why do prices go up when the government prints money?
First,is important to not confuse prices rising and falling because of supply-demand issues. "Inflation" is when pretty much all prices rise in an economy. If there is an oil shortage and gasoline prices go up,assuming the supply of money is stable,the extra money spent on gas means you have less to spend on other goods and those prices go down as gas prices go up.
All prices go up because more money is created (supply) than people want (demand).
Central banks and governments create new money mainly by “printing” it (quantitative easing). They buy Treasury bills and notes from major banks and pay for them by a few keystrokes that increases the bank deposits of the seller banks. They also create money by lowering interest rates which makes borrowing more attractive to bank customers.
Banks create money by lending their customers’ deposits. How? Because they only need to keep 10% of deposits on hand as reserves and they lend the other 90%. If I deposit $1,000 into my bank,it can lend $900 to one if its customers. If that borrower buys lumber for $900,the lumber seller now has $900 in her account and her bank now has another $900 of deposits. Her bank can now lend $810 (90%) of her deposit to one of its customers. That borrower in turn buys $810 from someone and that seller has $810 in his account and his bank can lend out 90% of the $810,or $729 to another customer,and so on. There is a kind of geometric increase in money supply. My $1,000 deposit can turn into over $9,000 in the economy and,thus,money is created out of thin air.
Here’s an example of what happens as a result of this money creation.
Let’s say a housing developer decides that low interest rates make his planned projects now look profitable so he gets a bank loan. The banks want to lend because they have all this new money. The developer now flush with new money bids away resources (lumber,labor,etc.) from other builders and there is more competition for these scarce resources. The next builder finds that he has to pay more for lumber. This competition for resources drives up prices. This can go on for quite a while as new money is constantly pumped in. The sad thing is that the poor sap at the end of the line only sees that prices have already gone up for him.
Prices of everything start to rise as a result of the constant push of new money. As building materials go up,housing prices go up. As people find that mortgage loans are cheap,demand for houses increases. They start to speculate thinking prices will continue to rise,thus more demand for housing drives up prices even more. While housing is just one example of how prices rise,expand this concept to other goods produced,and eventually all prices go up.
If enough money is pumped in we get a boom-bust cycle.
A good example is the 2008 crisis. It is clear that the Fed pushed many,many billions of new money into the economy in 2001- 2004 by lowering interest rates (from about 6% to 1%) which drove down bank loan rates which spurred bank lending. And we all saw what happened: home prices took off,the stock markets took off,crazy investment vehicles were spun off. People went crazy because of inflation.
When the Fed took its foot off the money machine in 2006,by 2008 the whole thing collapsed resulting in a bust. What happened is that we ended up with houses that no one wanted.
So,not only did prices go up but the entire economy was distorted by money printing. Some economists say that "inflation" is not just prices going up,but it is actually money printing itself that is "inflation" and market distortions and rising prices are the resul Sex Doll . kash doll love and hip hop his is nothing new. Boom-bust cycles are always caused by central banks or governments printing too much money. History has shown that new money always flows somewhere,creating a frenzy. Mostly it's real estate or stocks,but sometimes it is tulips.
At its worst,hyperinflation is the result. Zimbabwe is one of the best examples of modern hyperinflation where central bankers had no clue what they were doing because they didn't understand what money was. They just printed and printed. The government used the new bills to pay for stuff and,there being not accompanying increase in production,prices climbed geometrically and Zimbabweans soon realized that the paper was worthless and they got rid of it as soon as they could because they knew that prices would be higher the next day. As prices climbed,their dollar bought less,and the end result was their famous $100 trillion bill. Ultimately goods disappeared f

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