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(51 People Likes) Can you list 25-50 things that you never thought you would have to say to your young child/toddler?

er in her crib, jumping up Sex Doll and down in her poo. ‘Honey, your little girl has learned something new!’. She was so proud of herself that she wouldn’t stop. Diaper off in the grocery store. Diaper off full of poo. Diaper off in the middle of peeing. Put the diaper on

(88 People Likes) Where do these people who buy silicone sex dolls hide them from others?

private space so only the usser can use .Another reason is they are expensive silicone sex dolls are not cheap so why would you leave them lying around for other people to look at or even use. Another reason is silicone sex dolls are a very personal t how to dispose sex doll ing that you can own, you may allso be embarrssed to say you own one so hide it for this reason. Their is an old saying in the adult sex toy business that millions of sex toys are sold every year but no one amits to owning one. Their are the exceptions of course like the man or women who will leave them in display in their car etc for the whole world to see. But most people like to be discreet as most adults would be. One of the first things people alw

(27 People Likes) What would happen if I sent my friend in boot camp a drill instructor hat?

ctors, and a hat box would draw a lot of attention, and they would make him open it in front of them in order to make sure it doesn't contain items that aren’t allowed in boot camp. You can’t even receive hygiene or medical items that you might think are harmless, like foot powder. Opening a box and pulling out an actual Campaign Cover or something that looks enough like it would probably draw the ire of that particular DI and a bunch of others over time, and whether they intended it or not they’d be singling him or her out for all kinds of things. It might seem funny, but I bet your friend in boot camp wouldn’t find it funny at all. Imagine all the things that they might do to you at boot camp because you actually screwed something up or really committed a moral violation, then multiply that times ten just because they’d feel like they had to make some kind of moral point towards that recruit as an example for all the other recruits that you don’t get to just have, for no good reason, symbols like a DI hat or campaign cover that in their view must be earned. You wouldn’t understand it until you've been to boot camp and received your actual Marine Corps Emblem (Eagle, Globe, and Anchor) from the hands of your actual DI at the end of Recruit Training. Then think about the fact that that same DI went through your boot camp, spent some time as a Marine, earned the rank of at LEAST Corporal, making him or her a leader of Marines, then went into one of the most demanding duties possible in the Marine Corps, that of a Drill Instructor, which training lasts about as long as boot camp itself, one of the most basic symbols of graduating from the training is a Campaign Cover, then imagine that same DI watching you pull one out of a box that someone back home sent to you. Then imagine the almost total control that DI has over you in boot camp and how he or she feels, and right or wrong, t

(88 People Likes) What is the real story of the Annabelle doll?

nt named Donna received the doll from her mother as a birthday gift who, in turn, had found her at a thrift store. Donna kept the doll with her in her apartment, where she lived with her colleague, Angie.
Daemonologist Lorraine Warren holding Annabelle Doll.
This became more and more obvious. They would lock Annabelle up in one room before leaving and then return to find her in another room. They also found some strange writings on their apartment walls.
The girl duo contacted a medium for help. The medium, after reading the doll, said the doll was being manipulated by the spirit of a little girl named Annabelle Higgins. Annabelle, who was said to have died under mysterious circumstances, said that her spirit found comfort in Donna and Angie’s company. She even requested them to let her spirit enter the doll so that she can live with them forever. The girls relented and allowed the spirit into the doll. Things took a drastic turn after that.
The girls would have recurring nightmares where they saw the doll attacking them in some way or other. One day when their male friend Lou came to spend a night at their apartment he was attacked by her when he was alone.
The terrified trio turned to their local church for help. The priest there referred them to the Warrens, Ed and Lorraine, daemonologists. The Warrens, after reading Annabelle, said that the doll was being possessed not by a little girl’s spirit but by a daemon and that the daemon had been trying to enter one of the girls’ body. An exorcism was performed on the doll and their apartment with the help of the church and the doll now sits in a glass box at the Warrens' Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut.

(44 People Likes) Do you love or hate the new Goo Goo Dolls music?

/br> All relationships are tricky; some trickier than others. Invariably (at least at some point), one party will be more involved than the other; one will be wary, worried, jealous or insecure. Either can only guess at the truth underlying what they’re told, and read into the words and actions their own fears, biases and assumptions.
So, too, interpretations of the words of the song - does the male figure only ‘miss [her] when he can’t sleep’ or eat (i.e. selfish feelings), or is that just an illustrative example of how often she’s missed?
Does the burning of bridges to create distance suggest that the distance was wanted, or that in a fatalistic sense it only seemed necessary, and was immediately regretted? I hear the man singing those lines trying desperately to justify actions he knows were wrong and wishes he hadn’t done; others hear justification for bad behavior.
I love you. And it’s caused problems for both of us, and I hate that. Sometimes you do things - or don’t do things - that make me feel as if I hate you. I don’t hate you, but sometimes I hate that I love you so much, because… it’s problematic. In fact, I love you so much that I can’t think about anyone or thing else - including myself, my career, my family. I miss you. I hope you miss me, but I fear you don’t. And missing you so much is making me crazy. And so forth..
Ultimately, I hear two people who are desperately in love with each other, but are not together. Did jealousy or rumors drive them apart? Was it a thoughtless action that drove a wedge? A simple failure to communicate? Is he married (to the wrong person)? Is she? I know all those feelings, and that’s why the song is so sad and powerful - but also why there’s hope beneath it all. If they could just talk together, rather than having the same thoughts separately, there could be a future for them. Hopefully even a happy one.
(Alternative interpretations are certainly possible - one to muse on is that the two individuals are not sing

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