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(11 People Likes) Can you share a spooky love story between a clown and a doll/ or (as boys do not play with dolls) actionfigure?

me specifically for this very reason, which, if you are smart enough, you’ll know what they are. Just in case you don’t know, here’s the answer.
Yes, dolls. Male or alien figures, but still, the real name for “action figures” is DOLLS.
So why is it ok for boys to play with action figures, but not “dolls?”
It’s a hate thing.
If a boy is caught with a “doll” they often get punished for it.
Why? What’s really wrong with a boy having a “doll?”
In one of my daycares, a beautiful redhead boy went home one day and with no explanation, grabbed one of his sister’s Barbie dolls and wouldn’t give it back. Momma, a young one, called me for advice. I said let him keep it and be positive about it. He carr homemade sex doll ed that doll by her hair (not a sign of becoming an abuser, just easier,) for 2 months. When we had our outings, people would look at him askance and I would give them the evil eye. Then a wonderful thing happened. Another woman stopped when she looked at him and said to me, “I am so relieved! I thought my son was the only one to carry a Barbie!” I made sure to give a positive response, along with some education about human beings. She looked like she felt better from that exchange.
There is NOTHING WRONG with a boy playing with dolls. Boys can have imaginary scenarios that require dolls to fill, they can play Barbie vs G.I. Joe like my son and daughter did, (Barbies always lost, their heads across the room from the bodies) or they can play house, or rock the baby to sleep, whatever. When I was nursing our second child, my son said he wanted a baby doll, so we got one for him. From then on, when I nursed her, he sat beside me and put the doll to his chest, imitating me. When I bathed her, we did his doll. He only outgrew the doll after we took a long vacation out of state that was 2 weeks long. Then he found something different to attract him and his sister got the doll. My son is not LGBTQ, and is a wonderful daddy to his girls.
All boys should be able to play with dolls. There are actions that occur from doll playing that help boys become better men, especially if the parents are understanding an encouraging. All of the males of our species do have the abilities to be mothering, kind and caring. As long as male adults who are firmly set as to what a “real man” is, don’t discourage the children from learning about their feminine side, we could have a whole generation or two who don’t think it matters which kind of toy their children play with. And the kids will grow into be

(46 People Likes) Are sex-dolls safe for human contact? Can it cause any type of medical condition depending on the material used to make the doll?

TPE and Silicone are safe for human contact and have a feel like real skin , while there are also some differenc Realistic Sex Doll s between them:
TPE has become more popular because it is easier to sculpt and sex

(100 People Likes) How does inflation targeting work?

s is available. And they do a pretty good job… until they don’t
It sounds pretty straightforward and it’s goals are definitely the right onea. But, it’s really hard to do because managing inflation is ridiculously complicated.
I think of inflation as a variable, uneven “Type 2” Chaotic system.
Variable - refers to the fact inflation isn’t governed by any “fundamental” Fiat currencies (like the dollar have no intrinsic value (they can only be valued relative to another currency). So, there is nothing to prevent a merchant from doubling his price at will (other than market forces, which are the gasoline rather than the control here)
Uneven - the next problem with targeted inflation is that it affects different asset classes differently. So for example, if the stock market is increasing dramatically, people may take their marginal dollars and use them to purchase stocks rather than to buy homes. As a result, the equities market would increase at a faster rate than the price of homes. The problems with this are many and nuanced enough to warrant their own question. But, to keep this short for now, let’s stipulate that the short version of the issue here is
the Fed has few tools to effectively manage the sector bubbles in a weak economy and
sector bubbles have a disproportionately negative impact on people without discretionary dollars. I.e. working class or “labor“ and can create some real problems
The type II chaotic system refers to a system governed by chaos principles (the most important feature of chaos for this discussion is that small, even negligible events may have an exponentially large affect on the system in a very short time,
Type 1 chaotic system is naturally chaotic. So, think about the weather. It doesn't matter what we think about the weather, it’s going to do what is going to do.)
But, type 2 system is self-aware and self referential In other words, it’s chaos derives from the fact that people beleive there is inflation in the system. That belief can cause inflation…. just like inflation can cause inflation…. or a shock to commodity prices…. or a bubble in a sector or…
The point of this is - inflation is fundamentally unpredictable.
So, targeting inflation is really hard because:
Asset values are variable. Meaning, it takes a long time to move a little and no time at all to move a lot. Pricing levels are arbitrary
It’s unevenness means to target inflation requires you to take the average of a bunch of sectors that are growing at different rates. Think about the housing crisis of 2008. Back in 2004, did the Fed see housing prices rise? Sure. But, across the broader economy…. they were concerned about deflationary pressures stemming from a weak post 9/11 recovery…. They didn’t foresee that within 2 years housing would almost destroy the entire financial system
And asset prices are chaotic. Who would have thought a demand for homemade sex doll ortgage losses would tip housing prices to a depression era drop? Or a destabilization in Thailand would gap equity volatility and cause a $100B fund that few people had heard of to put the entire world’s financial system at risk?

(89 People Likes) What will happenn if sex dolls become irresistibly attractive and extremely good at their function? What are the social repercussions?

uck all the incels will be happy as larry.
I homemade sex doll ead a post on here the other day that only 40% of men ever become fathers/find a partner. If this is true then 60% of blokes will also be happy. You never know the rape figures may go down somewhat.
I can’t see the repercussions being very extreme, unless of course mankind wants to get rid of the human race, even then there will always be enough blokes ready and willing to do their bit to perpetuate the next generat

(28 People Likes) Can I bring my silicon doll (naughty purpose) through checked baggage?

but do the most damage.
Think about this. If the arms that move bags from one belt to another to get them where they belong. The arms that move the bags has to move a 70 lb bag from one baggage belt to another. You can imagine hard hard that arm hits and moves a 20 pound bag. There can be a lot of damage done. People buy cheap bags. Another prob Sex Doll Torso em. Good bags are very expensive but are worth it in the long run.
Also bags are suppose to protect the

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