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(63 People Likes) Should I allow my husband to buy a sex doll? He barely touches me as it is unless it's when I tell him I'm fertile (we're trying for our second child.)

I would say start with the idea the two of you seem to have that you should be trying for a second child with the disturbing amount of dysfunction in the marriage. You say the intimacy in your marriage is practically non-existent outside the times you might be fertile so that you might get pregnant. This isn’t the profile of a healthy marriage. It would be different if you didn’t care that you are sexually estranged for the most part but by the way you describe it (“He barely touches me”), it’s obvious you’re not ha Real Doll py with the situation. Now he’s telling you he’d like a sex doll. You clearly recognize that the purchase of a sex doll isn’t going to improve the quality of intimacy between the two of you. So here you see he doesn't want more sex with you, a living, breathing woman who wants him and with whom he’s supposedly sharing his life, as well as a child.
If this is the kind grandma sex doll f marriage you want, it’s up to you. But how fair is it, IYO, to bring another child into it—an innocent child who has no say in the matter of growing up as a child of divorce?
My suggestion is, put the idea of a second baby on hold for now, and either see if your disabled marriage can be put on an even track for the sake of the child you have now, or recognize this marriage is never going to work and start formulating a pla

(41 People Likes) Warming up a cold doll

A great way to work this into your routine, and stay safe, is to wash your doll before use with warm water. TPE and Silicon material holds heat very well, this will increase the stimulation you experience with yo grandma sex doll r doll. There are also e

(13 People Likes) Internal Heating Systems

ion series featuring anime characters. If so, you know that one of the most common themes is the absolutely sexy woman. In fact, men and women have been fantasizing about anime characters

(82 People Likes) Is Tufts considered a prestigious university and does it elicit respect when you hear someone is going there?

ven Tufts engineers are artsy. It is also very grade-deflated and stopped giving credit to their students who tried to game the system by taking summer school classes at Harvard, which is very grade-inflated. You can go on the Tufts website and see where their grads place for grad school—MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, U of Chicago, Stanford, etc.—and the amazing internships and jobs the Tufts grads get—the big biomedical companies, Google, Adobe, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, all of the Silicon-Valley start-ups, a lot of publishing houses, McKinsey, Goldman-Sachs, Boston Group, Berkshire Hathaway, Planned Parethood, ACLU…. College rankings are total B.S. since they are hugely informed by alumni donation, and Tufts falls between the territory of liberal arts college and university, and so the acade

(11 People Likes) Is it weird that I’d be content being in a relationship with a sex doll. Like I’m not a necrophile or a pedo or an incel or anything. But I’d like to spend time with something that feels like a human before looking into a real relationship?

A sex doll is a tool - a lump of silicone in the shape of a person.
Love Doll t's okay if you would rather not be in a relationship. It's okay if you would rather masturbate with a sex doll than have sex.
But a sex doll is not some kind of ‘preparation’ for a relationship - it's a masturbatory aid. It might feel a bit like a human in terms of physical contact, but at the end of the day, it's a fleshlight with extra parts. You don't have a 'relationship' with it any more than you have with any other tool.
You might anthropomorphise it because it looks a bit like a person and that's what humans like to do - hell we'll stick googly eyes on a rock and suddenly

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