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(86 People Likes) Is Shauna Belzer the new Ventriloquist from The Batgirl 52 in love with her doll Ferdie?

y”. And I use that word far more loosely than you could ever imagine.
Ugh. The 52? No such animal. DC never had a comic with that title. And I’m surprised how everyone forgot about that.
“52” was a weekly comic that took a year from the DCU. The purpose of 52 was to reestablish the DC multiverse two decades after the old one was destroyed in Crisis on Infinite Earths, leaving just the Earth 1 universe. The new multiverse was nearly destroyed as well, with all but 52 universes consumed by a mutated Mr. Mind.
52 was a crossover event separated from crossing over by “One Year Later”, the jumping ahead of the DCU that allowed the regular books to do their own thing during 52. It was an interruption, but not as bad as hijacking every book to do a crossover. And it’s not the first time DC has done this. Just the first time that involved the entire universe.
Don’t confuse “52” with “The New 52”.
The New 52 came later, and was the reboot that resulted from Flashpoint. If you watch the Flash TV show, then yes, that Flashpoint. Or at least the comic book version of the event. Only instead of minor differences that only affected a few people, this reboot affected the entire multiverse (all 52 universes), with a few characters moving on like nothing happened, most of them drastically changed, one or two erased from history, and at least one (the Flash) rebooting completely.
As you can imagine, this upset a lot of fans. And I mean a lot.
So many that, despite assurances on the part DC comics that these changes were permanent, editorial became desperate in their search for some loophole to get them out of this. That I infer more than I know, but what followed speaks for itself.
What followed was Rebirth.
Rebirth began with the return of the original Wally West, who had been erased by Flashpoint.
Wally returned with the apparent ability to revive memories of himself by giving a static touch which jogged those memories loose. The static touch didn’t last, but then Wally met a Superman from his own time line.
This Superman was a survivor of Convergence, an event that crossed over past iterations of the DCU. When the dust settled, the survivors were allowed to go their own ways, and the Kent family settled in the New 52, so that the new universe now had 2 Supermans, 2 Lois Lanes, and a hybrid human/Kryptonian son named Jon.
The old Clark and Lois replaced the new 52 L and C when they died, but the spirits of these recently departed were merged with their counterparts thanks to the meddling of Mxyzptlk. Mxy erased Lois and Clark’s memories of Jon, essentially turning them into their New 52 counterparts. Somehow the merging 2 spirits who didn’t remember him with 2 parents who couldn’t remember him either resulted in a new continuity where everyone remembered him.
This merging retconned the lives of everyone they had ever known, effectively changing much of the DCU back the way it had been before Flashpoint.
I managed to follow most of the changes until Rebirth reached this point, but frankly it made about as much sense as pickle flavored ice cream. I had to go online just to make heads or

(42 People Likes) Why do men like sex dolls?

ing, were created by men.
Pygmalion replaced a real woman with a statue. That's how it started. The sex doll itself was firstly presented and proposed for usage only for men. Women had other devices like vibrators in order to treat the "hysteria" most of them were diagnosed with.
Women are more emotionally attached to their partners.
If a woman does not feel the required emotion, she feels unhappy and unsatisfied. It's crucial for a woman to feel the bond between her partner and herself.
Women cannot receive absolute sexual satisfaction without an emotional bond, and overall the emotions men show during the sex relation.
On the other hand, some women are pleased with the invention of male sex dolls, such as those from https://www.elovedolls.com/male-sex-doll.html
. Even though some women can't figure out why these dolls are even manufactured, others treat loneliness with exploring their sexual fantasies and performing them with silicone sex dolls.
The other pleasing aspect I have read on one of the forums[1] is that self-customization and full personalization

(10 People Likes) Are sex dolls better than women?

I bought myself one and have managed to connect with my sex doll . Unlike any other blow up doll , mine is made of silicone .
At one time in my life , women acted terrible towards me and have done nasty things that I’ve disagreed with . Unhappy with my experience with women , I retreated back to my house and had only the internet as my companion .
After making the internet as my companion , I became lonely and thus made porn as my sexual partner . Once porn became my woman , I was jacking off constantly .
As time progressed , porn was losing its luster and I wasn’t as turned on anymore . That moment , I began browsing around , trying to find porn that would turn me on , that is until I came across a website that sold silicone sex dolls .
Fascinated , I visited the website , and lo and behold , I was shown silicone sex dolls that were very lifelike . Within that instant , I was fascinated and wanted to purchase one .
After furthe Sex Doll Torso study of the website , I learned that the silicone sex dolls I was after was at least five grand or more . But because I was feeling rather lonely , I wasn’t put off by the price and chose to work hard and save for one .
For weeks on end , I worked my ass off until I was able to save enough money to buy one . When I was ready to make my purchase , I looked carefully in the website , trying to piece together my ideal doll .
Since I was infatuated with the young actress Samantha Esteban at the time , I made my silicone sex doll closely resemble her .
After making that final purchase , I waited at least a few months until I received my order .
Then , when my order finally came through my door and I opened that crate , I was amazed at how beautiful my new partner is . Within that instant , I unstrapped my new woman from my crate , took her upstairs to my bedroom and slept with her .
Since then , I’ve always been happy and had never sought a relat

(34 People Likes) Can you buy a 100cm love doll in the USA?

enough to fulfill your need of havin dollar rental car dallas love field phone number someone next to you.
There are some evident advantages of ordering a love doll:
They are incredibly natural and good-looking, especially if the size is close to a woman's height.
The creators make them nearly perfect to meet your expectations and satisfy you.
Dolls can improve both your mental and physical health.
Satisfying your sexual needs with a love doll is close to the sex relation with a real woman. Ordering a love doll means not being alone anymore, which positively affects your mental health as well.
You can be the one who chooses all the necessary parameters you would like to have in the doll.
I have checked some forums[1] to get familiarized with this topic, and I found out that you can find anything you want on https://www.elovedolls.com/silicone-sex-doll.html
. The wide assortment makes your choice more conscious.
In real life, having a love doll will result in better-structured requirements for a potential pa

(41 People Likes) What song did you like that was ruined for you?

ol music and have cool fashion tastes. They don't conform to social influences(listen to pop/grime and wear the fashion that society wants them to wear) and yet they are bullied for it(I was bullied and was continuously made fun of by peers but for a different reason. I have only told a few people that I am now emo). The emo boys are often named names like 'fag,' 'gay' and emos are sometimes told to kill themselves. My question is why they are so hated? The only thing I can think of is that they are different to society's standards and that some people dislike these differences.
But why are people who are not receiving this type of bullying decide to 'become' emo? I personally think they are making fun of them.
Trisha Paytas made Helena a sexualised song but the thing that's disturbing is that Helena was both Gerard and Mikey's dead grandmother. That's why both the emo and MCR community find it so disturbing. Also, Paytas wrecks any song (remember the Shallow meme where Trisha is not in tune and literally is tone deaf throughout the whole song?) But I still enjoy the song and sing along but only if I forget that moment that wrecked my whole life.
The reason why Logan Paul destroyed Welcome to the black parade for me (disregarding the g note that makes me cry every time I listen to it, it's a good song. Fantastic even.) is because he casually sings along to it like it's nothing and hes not head banging or anything. He could have picked any other emo song except the most popular emo song in the history of emo songs(but I don't want him to destroy SWS for me, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus PtV, Brand New, BVB nor any other emo band for that matter).
He butchers the emo community in this clip. He makes emo a cringe. He just casually puts on a wig, eyeliner, 2 faux piercings, wears black and listens to Black Parade just to trick his friends that he has turned emo. He's just told his followers hey I turned emo; goodbye former Logan Paul and all he can name is black parade as the most emo song and trigger all the emo community by playing it. No it's inconsiderate, disrespectful and blatantly rude. If he wants to be emo, I am fine with that, but don't trigger the emo community like that.
Sorry for my emo rant😅😅 I just get triggered by the simplest things. If Trisha Paytas wanted to dance sexually to an emo song, she should have done her research and not trigger a whole emo community. If Logan Paul wanted to be emo, he would