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(80 People Likes) Taking Care of Your Dolls Moving Parts

ucture. Make no mistake. This is durable stuff, but if it’s abused, your dolls skeleton can become damaged. If that happens, the repairs can be quite expensive. We’ve even had cases where the damage was so bad, it was simply easier just to replace the doll entirely. Here are some rules to follow: D Real Doll n’t Force Dolls to Move Unnaturally If your doll won’t twist or bend in a certain direction, it’s simply not mea doll fetish sex t to do that. Please don’t force things. Placing too much weight or tension on the joints could cause irreparable damage. Move Your Doll Carefully You may be surprised at how heavy your doll really is. Well, that’s intentional. That means they have a human skeletal structure, and enough weight to create a realistic sexual experience. Just take a bit of care. A good rule to follow is to move your doll just like you would a real, live person. You wouldn’t lift a person by their elbow, neck, or ankle joint. The same applies to your doll. Don’t be a Macgyver Every once in awhile we encounter someone who has attempted a ‘structural repair’ or modification on one of our dolls. This is rarely a good idea. Yes, you may be able to feel screws and other parts under your doll’s skin, but those are best left alone. Remember that we cannot warranty any doll that has undergone any home repairs. Store Your Doll As Intended When your doll isn’t in use, take care to store it carefully. It shouldn’t be left in a bent position between uses. This can

(62 People Likes) Where would I be able to purchase an attractive guys shaved full bush of pubes and possibly chest and pit hair? I have a sex doll and want to hand-punch real hair into it. I’ve tried the fake hair but it isn’t the same.

s a "sweaty" or "animalistic" perception. Fair, or not, it's there.
The hairy chest guy was named attractive, if it's not sitting on top of a beer belly or supplementing a mullet. (See last sentence)
Surprisingly, to me, they were unanimous in liking the clean, hairle

(19 People Likes) It's not uncommon for guys to want to get to the finish line as quickly as possible

e of the best orgasms are often the result of slow and steady stimulation. When thinking about how best to slow the pace during sex, edging may come to mind. Edging involves manipulating the sex organs right until the point of ejaculation, stopping, and then starting over again. It can be a great way to have a more intense orgasm. Edging can be done during partnered sex or masturbation. Setting aside time for edging during sex can make sex doll fetish sex ore exciting and make it more enjoyable. It creates a buildup and a very intense release. Individuals who have premature ejaculation issues may find some benefits with edging because it can extend the duration of partnered sex. It may also allow couples to experiment in the bedroom as well as build their confidence. Once someone feels they are about to orgasm, they can slow down the intensity, change positions, or stop completely. Incorporating edging in sex can change the focus from orgasm to the process of sex. It will increase the duration of the activity and allow couples to enjoy the bonding attributes of sex besides orgasm. You can also practice edging alone. When you are trying it out, you should breathe deeply, go slowly, take your time

(36 People Likes) Is it weird that I'm almost sixteen and I still love to play with my baby dolls as if they are real?

utely normal! i am 19 no Love Doll and don't mind peaking into my childhood toy basket and going on those silly yet wonderful adventures that i used to when i was a 9 y/o.. the point is much like video games, youtube channels etc. they are just an escape route from the actuality, and do by some means boost your imagination. i'd totally recommend to keep doing what you are doi

(83 People Likes) What is a Sex Doll Brothel?

sex dolls are made from either modern TPE or silicone materials. They are designed to feel like the real thing. Soft to the touch and totally realistic, they are a great substitute for the real thing. And if you’re looking to find a man fucking a sex doll, or just wondering what it feels like to fuck one yourself, you can either find people having sex with sex dolls on porn sites or buy your own! Which leads us to the ne

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