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(86 People Likes) Why do girls gossip a lot in office?

t really fit into it even tho I’m a woman. My idea of talking in the office is talking about movies and theories about next movies in some franchise, about books, about how men get old like good wine, etc… but nah, people like to gossip about who’s better at what, who’s ugly, who’s pretty, who is sleeping with who, who’s the bigger bitch, etc.
And men… well, they talk about who’s more fuckable like if they were talking about inflatable dolls. And they also talk about other men.
The fact that only women -not men- talk crap of members of their own gender…. MYTH.
Also, the ones who make war to other people for a hurt pride tend to be men. I’m so sorry t

(30 People Likes) How do inflation protected bonds work?

imary risks for investors, and from these two risks yields, and total return, are derived: credit risk and interest-rate risk. Credit risk is obvious. If the issuer defaults, you may not got your principal back. When you buy a bond you accept this credit risk, in addition to a term to maturity. The weaker the creditworthiness of the issuer and the longer the term to maturity, the higher the coupon. Of course, the longer the term to maturity the greater the possibility of default. For example, the debt of a particular corporation could be a great investment today, but who knows how attractive it will be in five years? Or ten? The higher coupon is the risk premium investors demand for the term to maturity.
However, default isn’t the only risk associated with term to maturity. The other, which is interest-rate risk, is really associated with the risk that inflation grows at a rate higher th Real Doll n the yield paid to the bondholder throughout the bond’s term to maturity. In other words, if you are receiving 2% in yield but inflation begins to run at 3%, in real terms you are receiving a -1% yield in terms of purchasing power.
Inflation-linked bonds are intended to protect investors from the risk of rising cuban doll sex inflation. In the United States, these are known as TIPS — Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities. TIPS, like all U.S. Treasuries, are direct obligations of the U.S. government, so they are essentially free of credit risk. But inflation hits everyone. TIPS, like regular Treasuries, are issued with a term to maturity and a coupon, but unlike regular Treasuries the principal amount is adjusted on a regular basis to reflect changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is a gauge of current inflation. So if in the example above, where you have a bond issued with a 2% yield and inflation begins to run at 3%, the amount of principal that the Treasury is obligated to pay back to the bondholder will rise

(76 People Likes) A Holiday Surprise: Buying a Sex Doll For Christmas

r Christmas gift to truly memorable. Wouldn’t this be the perfect year to deliver that special, mind-blowing gif Realistic Sex Doll that will truly make your loved one’s day? If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you are considering purchasing a sex doll for Christmas. What an amazing idea! This is truly one of those big-ticket items that you, or your partner will remember for years to come. That said, you shouldn’t jump into this without some serio

(90 People Likes) Are sex dolls good or bad?

to 18th century dutch sailors who made masturbation puppets out of leathers and cloths and sold them to the Japanese.
If they was bad for society then one would think we’d know about it by now, there would at least be anecdotal evidence of harm and I can’t find any.
There is anecdotal evidence of harm with regards to sexdolls in the form of children and there is a general political shift and legal shift to stamp out sexualising children in any shape or form…including in cartoon or videogame forms. Australia can jail you for 15 years for owning a doll believed to look under 18.
Now where things gets sticky is really between law and politics, politicians and lawmakers find this area ‘icky’ and that means they do whatever requires the least amount of effort. They likely are looking at a reason to make ALL dolls illegal , i can imagine in a few years Australia will jail you for a long time just for owning one as they are quickly moving towards that...mainly because it’s cheaper and requires less effort, instead of there being court cases to determine if your doll is ‘underage’ simply declaring all dolls illegal fixes the problem and closes gaps in the law.
But we must not confuse laws and morals, it’s not immoral to smoke weed but it is cuban doll sex illegal in many places, the war on drugs and argument of weed being a ‘gateway’ to a more serious drug or offence will likely be used with sexdolls where they may say they are a ‘gateway’ to using ‘younger’ looking dolls or progressing to rape or abusing children.
So in terms of harm …most of it will be bestowed on the doll owner if they are persecuted by the state. Wider society will probably not notice or care to do anything about it or even push towards persecuting men with dolls, some men as i type are in prison or have been reprimanded for dolls i would say were adult and/or they had no evidence that they was a harm to society. Certainly media, news blogs …some individuals with an axe to grind dehumanise people with the dolls and they do so under the belief that it is justified because they think the doll owner objectifies people. The reality is they humanise objects they don’t dehumanise people. Bu

(87 People Likes) What is the rate of real silicon sex dolls in India?

men clean themselves up. You will have to clean this thing up, and it is gross, and tedious, and you could just jerk off far more eas cuban doll sex ly and conveniently for free! Also, they don't exactly move like real women do, if you get what I mean. You can pose them, but they don't move at all. So, if the idea of necrophilia turns you on, then go for it! But if not, years later, you'll look at all of the years wasted that should have been spent with a good woman, and you'll feel the same way about your crappy home since you've only ever been able to rely on your own income for your mortgage, or more Realistic Sex Doll ikely, rent. All of us men have certain needs, and yes, the doll May

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