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(82 People Likes) How much do American single women feel threatened by the development of lifelike female robots as companions for men?

ut 0%.
Certainly it would not be ideal if Love Doll a large number of men left the dating pool for AI woman substitutes— but on the other hand, I’m not sure how many women are actively looking for someone whose ideal woman is completely compliant, obedient, generic, and chinese sex doll factory non-human. Currently, with a little imagination on the part of the man, such toys are available already.
In fact, I think many women would welcome the development of such robots. Really, it culls the potential male partner population in a productive way, the way wearing a t-shirt that says Federal Boob Inspector or being an MRA does,

(64 People Likes) My girlfriend left the toilet without flushing. I accidentally saw and smelled her poop in the toilet. It was disgusting. Should I break up with her?

ting is probably relating to many factors. First of all, maybe you have naturally less odorous feces. Not everyone’s shit smells the same, obviously. Secondly, everyone has a distinct set of bacteria in their digestive system. Your body recognizes your own system’s lifeforms, and foreign ones are marked as potentially dangerous, for a good reason. Consequently, your own feces and flatulence smells less to you than to others.
Regardless of the biologi chinese sex doll factory al reasons, if you think this is a reason to break up, then you probably should. Not because

(58 People Likes) Does a sex doll simulate the real thing well?

r may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it.
I think it is the brand of Gynoid. The dolls the Realistic Sex Doll produce are of high quality and look exactly like real people. The skin texture is very realistic and the dolls are also very beautiful. The price is relatively more expensive than other bra

(49 People Likes) I want a real life sex doll in India. How do I go about it?

2.Go to America.
3.Buy one.Anime Sex Doll r> 4.F_CK it.< chinese sex doll factory br> 5.Bring it here.
6.Rent it.
7.Recover your expen

(67 People Likes) What's the weirdest question you've been asked when crossing an international border?

ere were so chinese sex doll factory e essential medicines that were not available in Pakistan, so I purchased them in the US with great difficulty, and then flew to New York, from where I was supposed to go to Pakistan.
When I tried to board the flight from New York to Pakistan, I realized that I had no idea where my passport was. I must have left it in Florida. If I went back, besides the expense, I would miss my flight, and the next flight would be much later because it was the holiday season and flights were booked for weeks. The medicine also had a very short shelf life, so I just told the airline agent that I had to go, even without a passport, because it was a life and death situation.
She replied that it was not possible to travel without a passport. This was 1985, the U. S. was different country, and the name Pakistan did not ring any alarms. I asked to see a supervisor. I explained my situation to the supervisor, and said that I can prove that I am a Pakistani by dozens of ways, I went to school there, I have relatives there, so I will be able to deal with whatever happens there. She said that if for some reason they deport me from Pakistan, the airline will have to bear to return cost and will be penalized $25,000, and asked if I was sure. I guaranteed that I was sure I could handle it, and that was all it took. (If I had been deported from Pakistan, I would have been in real trouble, because I couldn't possible re-enter the US without a passport or visa!)
I explained that perhaps I might get apprehended at the airport, until I can establish my identity, so I described my luggage and asked for their assistance in getting the medicine to my brother. I gave them phone numbers of relatives that would come and pick up the medicines. I now realize that it must have sounded a bit fishy (delivering unknown drugs for a person traveling without a passport) but it seemed like they believed me (once again it was an innocent time).
After having taken care of this, it was a long flight, so I went to sleep, and slept for some 18 hours. When I woke up, my neighbors asked how I could possibly sleep. They said that both of them had been talking the whole time, and they couldn't sleep out of concern for what was going to happen to me.
When we got off the plane, I was also getting a bit nervous, and managed to be the first one out, and so was the first person in line. When the immigration officer asked for the passport, I explained how I didn't happen to have a passport. It was some 3AM, and he was sleepy, so my explanation did not register at all. He repeated, "Can I have your passport." After a second time, he finally realized that there was no passport coming. By now the line behind me was getting long, so he asked me to step to the side, and wait.
After an even longer wait, after which the line was getting close to finished, another official came and we went over the same story. This person finally said "Look, whoever deals with you is going to get into trouble. You are already behind the immigration desk, so why don't you just save us the trouble. Slowly blend in with the rest of the crowd, and just keep walking to the baggage claim!"
I took a deep breath, took a few steps, worried that some alarms a going to start ringing, or some guard will come stop me, but I saw that nothing happened, so I took a few more steps. I think they were intentionally looking the other way. After that, with a bit more confidence I just walked over to the baggage claim and waited for my bags to arrive Sex Doll
Once out, I asked friends in Florida

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