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(96 People Likes) Did you know that loneliness surpasses drinking

,000 men in England report experiencing loneliness at least twice in their lifetime. Actually, according to statistics, the number of lonely middle-aged men is set to increase by 65% in the next decade. A great number of middle-aged men face the risk of loneliness due to a variety of reasons; tight daily schedules, demanding work requirements, childhood experiences and health disorders that might belladonna love doll lead them to alienate themselves from the rest. In as much as this may sound like nothing unusual, lonely middle-aged men simply lack someone on their side to share their experiences and thoughts; good or bad. They lack a shoulder to cry on during their low moments, someone to grab a drink with and tone off the day’s experiences after work and someone to come to especially when it comes to making important life decisions. Actually, secluded people are five times more at risk of su Love Doll cumbing to any risky cause. Lonely middle-aged men are at the risk of cont

(98 People Likes) If the federal government can lend itself unlimited money, why did WW2 have a push to "buy bonds"?

eded a new group of bond buyers, so the issued “War Bonds”. They did the same at the Civil War. Today we know these as savings bond, but basically much the same as war bonds. They are safe. Social Security can only invest in US Government bonds. They get a special issue, we can’t buy. So when someone says the Government is “raiding” Social Security, understand they are buying US Government bonds much as you or I would , We owe China billions, these aren’t commercial loans, it is just that the Chinese have an appetit Silicone Sex Doll for a safe investment, and the money is in this county in dollars already. But the Chinese, and Social Security, and Savings Bonds holders, all get their interest, and the principal is guaranteed by the United States of America.
Printing currency is a different operation. They print new to replace mutilated bills, to supply the banking system. But if a Bank wants a million in $20s, they have to transfer that money to the treasury. Currency and Government debt are different. When we have printed excessive currency, it causes the currency to lose value. It is inevitable, but needs to be controlled. Then the government has to raise rates, rates are the price of money, they raise rates to offset the decline in value from more money printed to keep the value up. It is a losing proposition. Mexico, Venezuela , and other countries have tried this. A very delicate balance. When our dollar was in free fall in the 70s, the Fed raised rates to near 20%. At the other point, the Treasury had to issue bonds near that 20% as well, increasing the cost of our debt.
Currently, rates are low, but rising. The Treasury needs to lock in more of these low longer term rates. But is the market looking to lock in this rate? The Treasury is trapped in that they need to issue the bonds investors will buy, and they want short term. As rates rise, the interest om Trill

(37 People Likes) Does Islam allow gay people to have sex with sex dolls and/or sex robots of the "same sex" as a less "sinful" alternative to actual gay sex? (Similar to pedophiles having sex with child sex dolls as opposed to with actual children.)

s out.< belladonna love doll br> No wonder, if next question comes up asking if anal s** is allowed with s** toys as there is no P insertion and penetration. 😳😳😳
I remembered that prophecy: that there will come a time when people will do love making in open and the least amount of faith left in us will allow us to tell them that “do it out of this way please“ That time seem so near.
Like why on earth do we want to modify islam which is all perfected for us?
One must know that modesty is one of the parts of Faith.
Even making love with bashfulness is part of being modest.
Doing role plays, BDSM, forbidden things, are all part of immorality and is prohibited. And it could also mean that we are following or imitating others which is again prohibited.
Even say if you are doing it why do you want witnesses?? and justification from others so that they also become part of your sin by encouraging it??
And I always say this if you are eunuch then you cannot do anything it is your ongoing test but if you are gay please go to some islamic scholar who is also a therapist as this is mental illness.
And stop watching whatever you are watching which is encouraging you to thi

(42 People Likes) Continue The Experience With Great Hair And Some Makeup

we aren’t just here to sell dolls to you. We want you to be an informed, educated, sex doll connoisseur. That’s why we’ve created this blog. It’s full of information on the sex dolls we sell. We also give customers great advice on taking care of their dolls, and enjoying the hottest sex possible. Don’t forget to check out our blog fascinating information on sex doll history, role-playing, and the use of sex dolls in popular culture. We even talk about sex doll te

(21 People Likes) When we say we carry sex dolls for all sexual preferences

ay we carry sex dolls for all sexual preferences, we mean it. Our Male Sex Dolls provide the same lifelike texture and feel as our female sex dolls. Our high-quality silicone male models can handle rough rides and slow erotic sex to match, matching your passion at every turn. With chiseled abs and massive members, our fantasy male dolls can be the man you desire when and where you want them. Shop our collection for your ideal male sex do

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