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(72 People Likes) My answers were collapsed only a few times last year, but lately it occurs at least once a day. Does this mean someone has a vendetta against me? If so, is there anyway to shake him or her off?

e anyway to shake him or her off?
No, it is not someone with a vendetta, although yes, that thought has (in the past) crossed my mind.
This is the reason that answers get collapsed - and if you look at some of the ones you’ve answered, you may very well find a LOT of other people have been too…
(see this : What is a diaper called in South Africa? 2 answers left up, and 27 collapsed!)
Read this :
especially the first part which wants ans Cheap Sex Dolls ers to 15th clara doll love e “helpful”!
While most of my answers get Downvoted or Reported (I have had six in the last month, more than for all of the previous six months - all appealed and only one deletion upheld), I believe that in late January/early February, Quora either revamped some of the algorithms that “police” Quora, or simply tweaked some of the parameters. So these days, “sloppy” or “unhelpful”, or “too short”, or eve

(24 People Likes) How can I buy high quality silicon sex dolls in India? Can I get home delivery?

yes. i got one for myself 15th clara doll love they w Best Sex Dolls ll deliver anywhere in India.
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(15 People Likes) Our collection of different types of sex dolls doesn't end there

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(97 People Likes) Why do more young women have more sexual experience than young men on average?

ess to sex with young women.
I'm old now, but for my entire adult and sexual life, some 40 years now, I have noticed that the people I know, men and women, have a lot of sex. I have seen no evidence that lots of young women have sex only with a few guys. I have not seen young women only having sex with hot guys or rich guys or guys in leather jackets. All the nerds I knew were having sex regularly by college. All the guys I worked with, who didn't go to college, were having plenty of sex too. Maybe it's because I grew up in California and was a teenager in the 1970s, but I didn't know any virgins after about 10th grade. Once we could get access to birth control pills, which only cost $2.50 a month in 1975, most of us girls were having sex with boys our own age pretty regularly. Not hot guys, not rich guys, not guys in leather jackets. We had sex with the guys who sat next to us in English class.
Girls who want to have sex, do. They do it with the guys they know. The aren't waiting for Prince Charming. If it makes you feel better to believe that all women are waiting for some magical moment with some close relative of Harry Windsor, be my guest. Most girls are just as anxious to make connections with the boys they know as those boys are. There may be some global cultural differences in what teenagers are allowed to do, but girls want to be with the boys they know.
You know who wants girls to hold out for looks or money or advanced age? Girls’ mothers! You know why teenagers feel like they can't get sex now? Because they spend all their time on computers instead of hanging out getting to know other people in person. Sex happens when you put people together in the same 15th clara doll love oom. Porn happens when you sit in front of computers all day. And porn really doesn't prepare anyone for actual sex, trust me.
I would also like to point out that the 1970s were right at the apex of intense feminism. As I mentioned earlier, the pill gave us all the freedom to have sex whenever we wanted. This reality has not changed in 40 years. Please don't blame feminism for whatever lack of sex you perceive in your own life. The girls and women are out there and they are more like you than you think. It might help if you aren't expecting a super-model or one of those inflatable do

(97 People Likes) A few other points to keep in mind before you go

e prostitution happens is considered a brothel in mo Real Doll t circles. Brothels have existed in this form for thousands of years. In 15th clara doll love act, the first brothel established and taxed was in the 5th century in Athens. The French and Spanish have a long history with brothe

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