How to Clean and Maintain TPE Sex Dolls Guide

Posted Friday, October 8, 2021 | By Eva

First day

1. Wash her with a mixture of soap and water to completely remove production residues. If the production residue is not washed off, over time will gradually darken the skin of the doll.

2. Dip a microfiber cloth with soap and water, and gently wipe her to remove the residue (don't be rough!). Repeat this procedure 5-6 times to ensure complete removal of production residues.

3. No need to take her to the bathroom. Spread a thick or thin blanket on the floor to absorb water, and place her on the blanket when cleaning.

4. After washing, apply baby oil to her entire body and let it be absorbed overnight. The next day, if she feels sticky, powder her whole body with baby powder and finish her pre-cleaning.

5. If your doll has super-realistic paintings, she will wash it beforehand. Don't wash her with soap and water, because that will wash away her surrealist paintings.


Make sure to wash any clothes before putting them on the doll. Dye on new, unwashed clothes can stain your doll. Make sure to wash the doll's clothes multiple times to remove any dye from the fabric.

Note: All clothes are different. Some clothes will still stain your doll after washing. It is best to conduct a short-term test on your doll or test on a TPE sample.

1. Avoid dark clothes

Dark clothes will stain your doll even after washing. It is best to avoid wearing dark clothes altogether, but if necessary, limit the time you wear dark clothes. Dark clothing such as pure red/blue can also cause problems. Try to test the clothes on a piece of TPE or a part of the doll (such as the top of the head) to see if it is stained.

2. Avoid tight clothes

Avoid wearing tight clothing as it will leave dents and marks on your doll. If necessary, limit the wearing time.


Always use a water-based lubricant before sex. This not only makes the behavior more interesting, but also prevents sticking and tearing of the doll's skin.


TPE really likes Vaseline (100% pure Vaseline). Vaseline replenishes the natural oils inside the TPE and prevents it from tearing by restoring the elasticity of the TPE.

Fragile parts such as joints, especially the armpits or where the thumb and hand intersect, can also benefit greatly from conventional petroleum jelly treatment.

Clean your sex doll

1. We recommend that you clean your doll directly after each use, and at least once every 2-4 weeks (regardless of usage).

2. Use ordinary antibacterial soap and clean warm water to mix, gently massage the skin of the doll with your hands, or dab with a clean sponge. (Just like you clean a real person.)

3. You can bathe or bathe your doll.

4. Make sure not to let the neck or head get too wet. This is to prevent any metal parts from rusting. If you accidentally wet a metal part, be sure to wipe it dry immediately to prevent rust.

5. Do not use abrasive soaps or any other general cleaning products.

clean your sex doll

Dry your sex doll

1. Ensuring that your doll is completely dry is also important to limit the chance of damage.

2. Pat dry with a clean soft cotton cloth and let the skin dry completely.

3. Do not use hard sponges/brushes or steel wool for cleaning-this will cause damage.

4. Do not wipe the doll with a towel. If you wipe it dry with a towel, use the "slap" motion.

5. After drying, apply talcum powder (talcum powder) to the doll's body. Do not apply talcum powder while the doll is still wet.

6. After cleaning, apply talcum powder on the doll's body to protect the skin and prevent damage from friction.

7. Apply talcum powder to your doll every two weeks or at least monthly (depending on usage).

8. Do not apply any other substances, such as sesame oil, on the skin.

Clean the vagina/anus/mouth

1. The vagina, anus, and oral area of the doll should be cleaned after each use to avoid bacterial growth, because TPE skin is more porous than silica gel.

2. Rinse the root canal with mild antibacterial soapy water in a vaginal douche until it is thoroughly clean, and then rinse the root canal with water in a vaginal douche until all soap is removed.

3. Dry the canal thoroughly.

4. Use Premium Renewal Powder to wipe the dust inside and out.

Sex doll bone care

1. Your sex doll has a metal skeleton and movable joints to keep her flexible. You can move her limbs and body, and the movement will leave marks on her body, which is completely normal.

2. Please understand that all our dolls are not allowed to be fully expanded from different angles. You should not use extreme force to move her joints to adapt to any position.

3. Don't hit her on a hard surface, don't let her fall.

4. Avoid her contact with any sharp objects, they will harm your doll.

5. Try not to let her stay in the same position for too long, or even let her lie on a hard surface for a long time. Since this is TPE, if she stays in the same position for a long time, the shape will change, for example, even if she lie down for too long, her butt will become flat. The best option is to hang up your doll. You can purchase a suspension kit.

TPE posing and storage

1. Do not pose your doll when you are away, because the pressure on the TPE may cause tearing after a long time. If you are not using her, please return her to a neutral position with your arms at your sides and your legs closed.

2. Keep her away from direct sunlight.

3. TPE is soft. If you sit for a long time or lie on a hard surface in a position, it may become flat and wrinkle. Make sure the doll is placed on a soft surface (the softer the better) to avoid flattening and wrinkling. Another solution is to use a closet hook or hanging kit to hang her up.

4. Never drag a doll with your hands or feet. Always use the "bear hug" or "arm hug" technique to move your doll safely.

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