Why Do Men Meet Lover Dolls?

Posted Friday, February 18, 2022 | By Eva

Not all addictions will curse your happy life. There are also addictions that can add value to your life, like the love of true love dolls that adds spark to many monotonous lives. Gone are the days when those stunning dolls were seen only as a medium for sexual gratification. This custom is outdated. Now, men are introducing an amazing trend that is spreading all over the world. More than just a medium, these sex dolls become a life support system for men looking for a partner they can hold for life. They don't even think about what society will think of them.

To continue the sporty men saga, here are some men's take on this realistic love doll who sees it as more than just an object of sexual gratification and sees her as their ideal partner.

Men Dating Sex Dolls - Whether Valentine's Day is boring or beautiful, whether a partner lives up to expectations, there's always a group of men who take unpredictability out of the equation. They are the ones who started dating sex dolls. Arrange candlelight dinners for them in the private lounge. Pull the chair gently for her. The icing on the cake came when they knelt down to propose to her. So to them, she's a real girl. In fact, treat her like her princess.

medium breast 132cm sex doll

Fall in love with her - who said you can only fall in love with a man or animal when there is an attractive lady in front of you? Bet you can't resist the feeling that you love dolls. That's exactly what happens to men who buy these sex dolls just for sex, but as they get closer to them day by day, they start to take an interest in them. Taking care of them, buying them new clothes and keeping them hygienic is their top priority. It shows how good they feel about her. It's not wrong to say that her heart started beating only for the silicone doll.

Treat her as his wife. When the buzz of men seeing Asian love dolls as wives happens, the world feels it. Imagine what kind of bond a man would form that would make him see the doll as his beloved wife. This primer on a man will make him recognizable for years to come. Commendable work!

These are the few stories of people who have been pleasantly surprised by these silicone dolls. They are absolutely not wrong. Any way you can fall in love doesn't require the person to be a real person. The moral of the story is that if the heart and enlightenment are pure, even a doll that is also a replica of a real woman can stumble.

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