Don't Deny The Desire For Sex Dolls

Posted Tuesday, February 15, 2022 | By Eva

We sell to all genders, couples and collectors, and role player, widows and widowers, teens and youth at heart, gamers and fitness enthusiasts, photographers and fashionistas. We also sold one to the doctor the other day, so if that's not a healthy recommendation, I don't know what is!

So, don't humiliate yourself, deny yourself, this is the most primitive desire, no one can refuse. It must not work. Although the public would love to give the pigeons to the owners of the love dolls, it is practically impossible. Our customers are as diverse as any other customer base, if not more.

big chest sex dolls

There are many inferior love dolls on the market, made from inferior, recycled TPE and using harmful chemicals, so health and safety standards/quality control is our top priority. We ensure that the materials used are safe for the health of our customers.

Design obviously comes first. We firmly believe in providing only well-designed and high-quality love dolls. We want to support our sex dolls and feel confident and proud to provide them. There's no point in having a gorgeous website and great customer service if you're selling low-quality, poorly designed sex dolls. We often listen to customer feedback and read a lot on doll forums to understand the pros and cons of each doll design. We only offer 100% authentic high quality sex dolls from original manufacturers that own the product design rights. We never sell copies.

Our clients continually exceed their expectations, and we want to keep it that way. Repeat customers are more common than many people think. It also means that manufacturers need our support and are ready to solve problems. Other valid criteria is if the brand shows that they are very customer centric, like WM Dolls, Irontechdoll, 6YE etc. brands are really heard on TDF (Doll Forum) accepting customer suggestions to carve new faces, already have Ideas for taking pictures. Elovedolls listens to customer needs for custom clothing and works hard to launch new custom clothing collections. Brands also need to be recognized by TDF members, who rate brands very positively and are highly respected. Ultimately, the customer decides whether the product is good or not.

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