The Difference Between Cheap Sex Dolls and High Quality Sex Dolls

Posted Thursday, May 19, 2022 | By Eva

When we search the internet for sex dolls from different brands and websites, we see many sex dolls with different prices. Prices for these silicone sex dolls fluctuate wildly. Therefore, some consumers will ask why some silicone sex dolls of the same size are so cheap, only a few hundred dollars; some high-quality sex dolls are very expensive, up to 3000 dollars, and some silicone sex dolls even cost tens of thousands of dollars. Why is that? Read on if you're curious.

I can safely say that 100% of the doll you buy for $800 will only be used a few times. A doll has a short lifespan and you may not even want to use it. First, there is a small smell that will keep you from getting close. Most new plants and some large plants use simple methods to deal with odors, because the properties of the material are just simple methods, even changing its appearance cannot change its movement and get rid of the basic smell. At first, you may think your silicone sex doll smells special, but after a while, your sex doll will smell bad.

Due to the rise of love dolls, many daily necessities, other industries, and accessories manufacturers have been involved in the manufacture of babies. Regardless of the consequences, even if the price of the baby differs by 100 yuan, they just want to make a little money, there will be a lot of problems, what will happen? Imperfect after-sales service is not responsible for your own body. Finally, the product is skin friendly. The purpose of buying a doll is to hope that you are healthy and not sick.

If you focus only on the price and not the company, you will regret getting hurt. The company knew exactly what he was doing. If he only considers profitability and not user testing, he will only fight price wars. Especially if you want to get up close and personal with this, cheap sex dolls? For a short time, this silicone sex doll may not have any effect on your body, it may just cause your skin to itch, but later. The shortcomings of this sex doll have been exposed, you will feel that the sex doll is no longer soft, and even if you rub her like a real person, her skin will crack. So if you choose this cheap silicone sex doll, you have to be prepared for a shorter lifespan.

realistic b cup love doll

The Rise of High-Quality Silicone Sex Dolls

Entrepreneurs themselves have this sense of responsible and ethical business, and this harmful element cannot be used in love dolls. Due to the prerequisites, the cost of the product increases and the price becomes higher. These affordable products only provide an opportunity for users who don't need longevity, they just need time and care. Still not worth it. Men's needs are still around the age of 70. Instead, they start buying and using it.

Some people even stop using inflatable dolls because they are cheap, and later have the urge to buy the physical ones, but they will add the rest of the money to the baby. If it's out of proportion, it sure looks cool. Certain brands of silicone sex dolls are of good quality, such as sex dolls, tri sex dolls, bath fun live dolls. These are very famous brands of sex dolls, we have many categories to choose from, and you can clearly feel that these sex dolls look and feel completely different from normal sex dolls. The images of these high quality silicone sex dolls will be clearer, many of them are in HD, and you can even see the pores on the doll's face.

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