Four Characteristics Of Silicone Sex Dolls

Posted Friday, November 5, 2021 | By Eva

When you think of sex, the first thing you think of is a sexy girl. You have always wanted to love her passionately. And these love dolls can satisfy you. They are different from real people. For example, they will not complain to you, they will dress up the way you want, and they will never say "no" to sex, etc.

So, don’t you think dolls are a better choice to meet your physical needs? Here are some characteristics or attributes that will definitely attract you and make you want to have a passionate relationship with dolls.

Soft bust

The breast is the most important asset of a girl; it makes a person look beautiful. Therefore, the doll is made with huge breasts and actually looks better than a real girl. Their sexy size, perfect shape and soft texture are simply irresistible.

Ideal height and weight

Height and weight are other factors that make a doll equal to or higher than a real girl's score. The silicone sex doll is complete and come in different heights and weights. Therefore, you can choose any doll that fits your ideal height or weight range. In addition, with a perfect weight, you can rest assured that you will be able to carry her and try different gender positions.

165cm silicone sexy doll

Lure hole

If her body has no holes, there will be no fun in buying dolls. But because these dolls are made as perfect intercourse aids; therefore, these dolls have holes in their mouths, anus, and vagina. Therefore, it can be clearly said that dolls are no less than real girls. However, please always follow some tips for buying dolls online, as the number of orifices may be between 1 and 3 depending on your budget and other specifications.

Orifice depth

The depth of the hole is also important to a person. Therefore, the doll has perfect depth of vagina, anus and oral cavity, which will perfectly satisfy your sexual desire. The deeper the orifice; the deeper the excitement, the higher your satisfaction.

With all these characteristics and characteristics, these dolls are undoubtedly a doll that can bring ultimate sexual pleasure to men of all ages. It also proved that sex dolls are definitely not inferior to girls.

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